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I am Teresa Tidwell-Smith, Travel Consultant and Candle Designer!


In 2020 as the world paused due to the pandemic, especially in the travel industry. Our homes became our getaway, school, and workplace. This gave me the opportunity to create a product that would take you away while at home. The signature collection includes Escape, Retreat, Oasis, and Grace. Each candle has a memory that I share in creating the scent based on my travels

Escape, reminds me of a beautiful resort lobby with a huge bouquet of flowers greeting you upon arrival; with hints of linen and lavender.

Retreat, takes me to a lush spa and the anticipation of total relaxation; with hints of jasmine and lavender.

Oasis, takes to an exotic tropical island; with hints of peppercorn, orange, and lavender.

Grace, came along with memories of long summer days on my grandmother’s back porch enjoying the scent of poundcakes and peach cobbler baking in the oven.

The ME Home Collection is continuing to evolve we recently launched our masculine line the scents are Tuxedo (Leather and Black Sea Moss), Black Tie (Caribbean Teakwood and Amber Noir), Links (Caribbean Teakwood and Black Sea Moss). I created the line to celebrate the men in my life past and present. Who doesn’t like seeing a man in a tuxedo, Lol.

We will be launching our subscription boxes this Fall so be on the lookout on how to purchase your ME Retreat Box!



Meaningful Escapes Boutique Travel Agency

Meaningful Escapes Home Collection


We design escapes with three components in mind; wellness, mindfulness, and spirituality.​


Meaningful Escapes Home Collection is a gift from the heart and nose with scents of tropical places and memories of special times. With travel being basically shut down in 2020 due to the pandemic; we designed our Candle Line with Candles That Take You  Away! 

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